Downtown Exploration

I walked downtown with my sister today, to explore the biggest area of the college town we live in.  I decided to have fun instead of do homework for a day.   We got ice cream first – I decided we had to start out the day with a treat.  Then we went to the […]

Friendly Superbowl Reminder

I just… like… feel the need to remind the world? The Patriots winning a Superbowl does not mean Donald Trump won the Superbowl.  You want proof? My conservative parents refused to watch the Superbowl tonight.  They haven’t watched a single game from the NFL since that Black player refused to respect the National Anthem in […]

Fun Times

I went shopping with my sister yesterday.  I was going to the bank, and she knows big parking lots make me anxious, so she went with me and then we decided to go to the nearby mall, just for fun.  In other news?  I think I’m addicted to buying shirts.  That’s where the rest of […]