Need Hope for the Human Race?

I just wanted to point out a few things politically tonight that give me hope for the human race.  So if you’re like me tonight, and you’re a liberal, and you need a pick me up, here you go:

The Marianas Trench is highly polluted and that is making top-trending news.

Top coders and hackers have saved NASA’s climate change data after it was taken down by the Trump presidency.

Flynn has resigned after being caught out in a huge lie concerning foreign policy.

Courts continue to refuse to uphold Trump’s infamous travel ban.  (Trump, also infamously, has said he will see the court “in court.”)

Protesters continue to be awesome, as does much current artistic discourse.

Adele gave up her Grammy to Beyonce in a huge gesture of inter-racial solidarity.

See?  It’s not all bad.

(Though, honestly?  Why is deporting a woman who has lived in America since she was fourteen years old more important than fixing Flint, Michigan’s water supply?)


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