Friendly Superbowl Reminder

I just… like… feel the need to remind the world?

The Patriots winning a Superbowl does not mean Donald Trump won the Superbowl.  You want proof?

My conservative parents refused to watch the Superbowl tonight.  They haven’t watched a single game from the NFL since that Black player refused to respect the National Anthem in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

No matter who won the Superbowl tonight?  It was a win for liberals.  There was a Superbowl tonight.

And all the people who are comparing the Patriots win to the Donald Trump win need to chill the fuck out.  Donald Trump winning a Presidency was way more important than Tom Brady winning another Superbowl ring to add to his shitty little circle jerk collection.

Why are we even talking about who Donald Trump wanted to win the Superbowl?  We’re just feeding this man’s ego!  Who cares?!  Stop talking about him unless you absolutely have to!


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