Fun Times

I went shopping with my sister yesterday.  I was going to the bank, and she knows big parking lots make me anxious, so she went with me and then we decided to go to the nearby mall, just for fun.  In other news?  I think I’m addicted to buying shirts.  That’s where the rest of my Christmas money went.

Then in the evening I took a taxi to my music lesson downtown.  The taxi driver and I shared a mutual rant about politics, and music lessons went well.  I’m finally starting to learn actual songs.  The first is “Daydreaming” by Paramore.  I have the vocals mastered.  I master the guitar part this week, and integrating the two together next week.

It’s exciting!  My teacher says I have a genuinely good voice, and he also said I sound a lot like Hayley.  A high compliment, if I do say so myself.

Today a friend is coming over and we’re watching movies together.  So I’m having a good time right now.  I just found out recently that I’m graduating college this semester with a bachelor’s degree, and I have a meeting with my university’s career services center to start looking for work.  I’m dreaming of a move to a big city with some sort of job, a continuation of music and creative writing, and maybe a pet.  (I have a soft spot for shelter animals and for pugs.)

I’m quite happy right now.


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