Calling Your Senators

Check out this website:

Makes it incredibly easy to call your Senator on the important issues facing us right now.  I know it sounds scary, but it’s very simple.  You call the Senator’s office.  Either you leave a voicemail, or you talk to someone who works underneath the Senator.

You leave a message as described by the above website, and you leave your name and address so they can tally you in records as being against these issues.

And it’s that simple.  You say goodbye, thank the person for their time, and hang up.

I called both of my Senators tonight, but they have already gotten so many calls that both of their mailboxes are already full and the ability to leave messages has been turned off.  I left my calls anyway.  This is unsurprising.  The last three days have been the busiest in capitol switchboard history, by almost double.

Please, if you care about these issues, let Congress know.  They are listening, even when they don’t want to.


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