Graduation, Music Lesson, and a Coffee House

So, I found out today via email: I’m graduating with a bachelor’s degree in May.  Six years since I graduated high school, and I’m finally graduating from college.  What followed was several minutes of loudly freaking out, followed by a brief moment where I had to sit down because I felt like I was about to faint.

During music lessons tonight, my music teacher congratulated me on my upcoming graduation.  He said my plans to move to the city are wise, and my writing combined with my good business sense should be enough to get me in pretty much anywhere.  He seemed happy that I’d be continuing music wherever I went, and we talked for a bit about the healing power of music.

Because music really does always make me feel better.  I walk into the studio thinking I’m going to sound like shit, but I always end up surprising myself and doing better than I thought I would.  This particular teacher has been really good for me.  We went through all my previous guitar exercises in a kind of review session, and I was surprised by how much I’d learned and remembered.  I even knew what he was talking about when he mentioned a few different chords, at most needing only a brief reminder.

I’ve been struggling with the guitar for years, so it’s nice to finally feel like I’ve gotten somewhere under the right instructor.

After that, me, my sister, and a friend walked to the nearby pub and coffee house, which is downtown near the music shop where I take lessons.  It’s a cozy little industrial looking place with long walls of book shelves filled with books.  I got all hyped up on sugar and caffeine in celebration of my upcoming graduation, getting a hot drink to warm my hands on a cold January night.

Eventually, we took a taxi back home, but it was a really nice night, laughing and joking over some coffee and cheesecake with friends, my guitar beside me.  The perfect celebration.


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