Trump’s Presidency (Part Two)

And on yet another political note to end the night off, I just saw a brilliant and important video reminding others of a few key points on immigration:

We already deport a lot of undocumented immigrants.  Like, a lot of them.

Many undocumented immigrants arrive legally, such as through an airport.  Why the hell would forcing taxpayers to pay for a wall fix anything?  (So the wall is important but 911 first responders are not.  Apparently.  According to GOP funding.)

Deciding who are the “bad” undocumented immigrants can be tricky.  What if they’ve gone to college in the US but their parents are undocumented?  What if they married a US citizen but their visa expired several years ago?

Also – and I can’t stress this enough – a lot of undocumented immigrants actually do pay taxes according to research.  The idea that they do not is a myth.  Undocumented immigrants can additionally contribute greatly to society.

I would also like to point out that causing an international incident with Mexico would ruin a lot of US imports.  Just in case you don’t care about how an international incident would affect citizens of Mexico.

And the whole “let’s kick out all the Muslims” thing is just plain stereotyping and discrimination.  If they had been literally any other religion, the very idea would be unthinkable – and contrary to popular belief, there are peaceful Muslims.


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