A Saturday Morning Shopping Trip

I went shopping on a nice, sunny, snowy Saturday morning with my sister today.

We stopped by a coffee shop first (of course).  It was a Starbucks.  I got a smoked butterscotch latte and a hazelnut chocolate croissant, because diabetes.  They were both fairly new and I love trying new things, whether it’s spicy Ethiopian cuisine or a new flavor of coffee.

My sister also had an art project to do for a class, where she tried to find the shapes of letters in ordinary, everyday objects.  So we walked around the shopping mall, trying to find shapes in crusts of snow and light fixtures, taking photos when we thought we’d found just the right shape.

We also stopped by Hot Topic, which is one of our favorite stores.  I bought a pretty new dress that I think would look great with a pair of dark leggings.

Here is the dress:


And here is the dress next to my witch’s broom in my apartment living room:



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