A Hot Mug of Thursday Afternoon Tea


In case you haven’t noticed, I love fall and winter because of big warm comfy sweaters and mugs full of piping hot, delicious drinks.  I like a nice late-afternoon hand warmer, but I already drink way too much coffee during the day so I prefer my drink non-caffeinated.  That’s why in a pinch I usually go for herbal tea, which is what you see today.  I put on my big sweater at home, clutch my mug, and curl up with some sort of reading.

My favorite herbal tea is chamomile and spearmint.  Relaxing and delicious.  You can’t beat that.  I usually have a mug of that to power down after a long day, or if I’m feeling overly anxious.  The blend of chamomile and mint is very soothing, and the mint adds a nice sharp edge to the chamomile.  It helps me come down off my school morning caffeine high.  I highly recommend it.

I should probably be doing homework, but I have nothing due until next Tuesday after the three day weekend and honestly IDGAF.  Procrastination for the win!  Starting the school semester out on a positive note!

(In all honesty, though, it really is nothing that can’t wait until the weekend.  I will in fact get it all done.)


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