My Thoughts on Death (and Animals)

I was inspired by a Facebook post today to discuss my own thoughts relating to death.  I’ve lost people before myself, and my spirituality is a crossover between Buddhism and Christianity with an odd dash of acceptance of all religions, so I guess I have kind of an interesting perspective.

First, I believe we have a choice as to whether we move to the afterlife immediately or linger on in this world as spirits to look after our loved ones.  I’m not afraid of spirits and ghosts.  The universe isn’t trying to hurt us.  It’s other people who do that.  Spirits are just humans without bodies.

Second, when we do travel to the afterlife, I believe it is a non-material place surrounding the universe.  So we travel through the stars to meet God, and then he reincarnates us, placing us in our next life according to how good we were in our previous life.  We could be reincarnated on Earth, or on another planet with inhabiting life.

I’m not looking forward to dying one day, but death itself I am not afraid of.  The death of my loved ones just means they’re going away – they’re traveling to a new life somewhere else.  And I treat the idea of my own death with a combination of nervousness and excitement.  It’s a pretty big deal, what’s going to happen, very scary, but doesn’t it also sound so totally awesome?

As I said, I believe all peaceful religions are reaching for the same presence in the end, just through different mediums.  So any peaceful prophet or teacher is a holy prophet or teacher to me, and I don’t believe anyone gets punished cosmically for having a different way of reaching God.

Treating each other with love and respect is far more important than whatever peaceful ritual each person uses to reach God.

I must admit, I don’t understand atheism.  Agnosticism, I understand.  No one really understands what might happen or what might be out there, do they?  But atheism is the concentrated belief that we already know everything there is to know about the universe and what lies beyond it, which I find far more absurd than the concept that something actually created the universe.

I don’t act prejudiced against atheists, and I wouldn’t have any problems dating or interacting with one.  I’m just saying I don’t understand the mentality.  Maybe I’ll get in some trouble for saying that.

I have weird opinions about lots of things, though.  Like, I believe in treating animals respectfully, taking responsibility for them, and giving them a good life, but I also think that if we do that there is no problem with using them for meat, for example, at the end of that life.

In short, I’m good at offending pretty much everybody on both sides of aisle.


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