I recently changed states and we had to call the DMV today to ask about changing over my driver’s license.  Apparently, it’s fine if I take the written test to change it over during spring break, so we’re okay until then.

I want to sign up at that point to be an organ donor.  I figure, it’s not like I’ll be using them after I’m dead.  Someone else might as well have them.

I’ve had my license since I was sixteen.  My drive test examiner was from Brooklyn, and when someone jaywalked in front of me, he sort of passively aggressively suggested that there was a lot less jaywalking in places like New York where jaywalkers just get run over.  Still, I’m pretty sure I passed because I didn’t run the guy over.

I can’t drive until spring break – that’s the only shitty part of what’s going on right now – but that’s fine because cars and car insurance cost money, and I don’t got none.  Back in college, at my apartment, I just get around by walking and using the local bus route.


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