Not Posting Artwork Online

I’m an artist – a writer, to be more precise – and I often post my artwork online.  Here’s the problem with that.

I have an anxiety disorder.

I post something, get anxious, lose interest, and never finish my work.  I flit from idea to idea, always feeling pressure.  So I’m going to experiment with something – not posting my writing online at all.  And only focusing on one story at a time.  Hopefully that will be easier on my anxiety.

Maybe then I’ll actually be able to finish something.  And maybe I’ll post after I’m finished – way in the future.  That sounds like a better idea to me.

This blog doesn’t count.  I will still be continuing to post here.

Random note of the night: I love shortbread cookies.  They’re lovely, not too sweet.  I love butter pecan ice cream for the same reason.


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