Unpopular opinion: “This Hurts” and “Casio” are the two best songs Mindless Self Indulgence ever put out.

So many people don’t seem to realize that Mindless Self Indulgence is a satire band. Like, I’ll show their music to people, and so many people are like, “Wow. Those lyrics are horrible.” And I always just stand there thinking, “It’s a parody. They’re making fun of what they’re singing about.”

MSI is widely misunderstood as a group.

I feel like I enjoy explicit things a lot that other people don’t like.  I’ve gotten mixed reactions to my current favorite standup comedian, John Mulaney, from people who think some of his stories are too awful and explicit.  My current favorite Netflix show, Lovesick, is a British comedy about a man with chlamydia who has to inform all his previous sexual partners of his illness.  And I can’t recommend the book I’m reading, Moonglow, to my mother, even though it’s a really interesting novel about the history of an ordinary man during some of the twentieth century’s important moments, because of all the explicit depictions of sex.

I think sometimes people have that same misunderstanding problem with My Chemical Romance. MCR is music for depressed people. It helps them feel they have something to turn to, something that understands them. That’s why the band means so much to so many people.

My top two songs for MCR are both early songs: “Early Sunsets Over Monroeville” and “Demolition Lovers.” Though “The Light Behind Your Eyes” is beautiful, too.

On another random note, because of my anxiety I’m always like lowkey afraid I’m going to get arthritis because of all the writing and typing I do. No joke.  I’m always afraid I’m getting sick.  I worry that I’m eating too much food for my stomach, drinking too much milk.

I worry about everything.


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