Just the Physical

Thought I’d describe myself in more physical terms tonight.

In singing voice and basic appearance, I’m most like Fiona Apple (she played Sally in The Nightmare Before Christmas).  I can go as high as Fiona Apple in “Sally’s Song” and as low as Lady Gaga in “Million Reasons,” so I have a pretty wide range.

My guitar playing is soft and acoustic, mostly because I have an acoustic guitar and not an electric one.  Someday I’d like an electric guitar…  I’d like to be able to do both.  Hayley Williams from Paramore also has my basic vocal range, so I think I could do both.

I’ve been called pretty.  I’m a tiny petite person, a brunette, with a bob of short hair and square plastic black-framed glasses.  I have ice blue eyes, which is why My Chemical Romance’s “Demolition Lovers” gives me all kinds of delicious chills.  (“Hand in mine, into your icy blues…”)  I have a pale little freckled heart-shaped face.

I usually wear jeans or leggings, along with tees and sweaters.  My tees range from comic book characters to bands to sarcastic quotes.  Most of my clothes are either dark or at most neutral.  I don’t really wear any makeup or jewelry.  I probably don’t shave often enough.

I’ve finally hit a point in my life where I’m totally happy with the way I sound and look – which I could not always say about myself, between mental illness, bullying, and chronic underweightedness – so I’m very happy about that.


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