Staying Close to Home

I will probably, might, maybe be graduating from college at the end of this Spring semester.  I’ll be graduating with a four-year bachelor’s degree.

The question now becomes what I will do after college.

I’ve been living in an apartment with my younger sister an hour and a half away from my parents, in a college town.  But I have decided that after college, I would like to move back in with my parents.

This doesn’t have anything to do with money or clinginess, but rather with my bipolar disorder.  I constantly need to live with someone who can keep an eye on me, just in case something comes up and for emotional support, which means I’ll probably be living with my parents until I find a serious partner or get engaged and move in with someone.

It’s not a good idea for someone with a potentially fatal disease to live alone.  That might be okay for an ordinary young person, but not for me.  And I don’t have a problem with that – I’m always very comforted at my parents’ house.  I’m glad I’ve been living in my own apartment with a roommate; it’s given me a sense of my own independence.  But according to most mental health specialists, keeping me close to my family is best in the long run.

My parents live near a city, and as a marketer and business writer I may be able to work from home anyway (my college internship was a virtual job), so this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

The thing I’m going to have to fight is the stigma of moving back in with your parents.  For some reason, in American culture, multiple generations living under one household is considered a sign of failure.  I have some serious issues with this – what if you just love your family a lot?


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