OkCupid Question Answers

What can I say?  I’m on a romance kick tonight.  Since I’ve done online dating in the past, and in the interests of helping people get to know me better, here are the answers to what I feel are some of OkCupid’s most important questions:

In a relationship I like to discuss politics with my partner:

Sure.  I’m interested in sharing our beliefs.

Explanation: I’m very politically involved, but my partner doesn’t have to be as politically intense as I am.

Which of the following is the more appropriate penalty for rape?


Which is more offensive: book burning or flag burning?

Book burning.

Should burning your country’s flag be illegal?


Politically, which are more important to you right now: social issues or economic issues?

Social issues.

How important is it for you to make physical contact when showing affection for someone?

Not important.

Would you strongly prefer to date someone of your own skin color / racial background?


Most of all, I want to meet someone who deserves MY:


If you inadvertently found a phone number in a partner’s pocket, which would you do?

Nothing, I would trust my partner.

If you were in a serious relationship and you learned that your partner cheated on you one drunken night, could you forgive him/her?

It depends on the situation.

Explanation: If I had seriously hurt them in some way beforehand, for example, or they were struggling with addiction or mental illness, I would try for forgiveness and support.

If you were going to have a child, would you want the other parent to be of the same ethnicity as you?

This would not be an important factor for me.

If you were in a long term relationship and your partner gained weight due to something like surgery recovery or childbirth, would you think less of them as a person?

No, my partner’s health is what is most important.

Would you ever stop dating someone based on a rumor you heard about them?


What kind of fidelity (being faithful) is more important to you?


Explanation: I think it’s unreasonable to demand that your partner never find another person hot or appealing.  I find plenty of people hot; my partner can as well.  It is, however, reasonable to demand that your partner never actually cheat on you with another person.

Would you consider dating someone who dislikes children?


Explanation: I want kids, so dating someone who dislikes children wouldn’t make any sense for me.

Your significant other’s ex is coming into town and he/she wants to go out to dinner with them alone. How do you react?

No, just no…  HELL no!

If you were in a long-term monogamous relationship, would you consider your partner “open mouth” kissing someone else cheating?


If one of your potential matches was overweight, would that be a dealbreaker?


Explanation: It’s self confidence, health, and grace, not size, that matters to me.

Would you avoid all contact with an ex if your current significant other asked you to?

Only if their justification seems reasonable.

Would you–for any reason–read your mate’s email or pose as him/her online, without his/her knowledge and permission?

No, I’d trust them and that would be invasive.

Your significant other is traveling and has the opportunity to stay with a good friend that you know they find to be very attractive. What’s your stance on the situation?

It’s fine – I don’t see any problem.

You get married. Five years later, you realize it was a mistake. Discussion and counseling haven’t made a difference. You just don’t love your partner anymore. He/she still loves you. You decide to:

Get a divorce.  It’ll be better for both of you.

How important is it to you to have your own unique “thing” (like a weekly Girls’ Night Out or Guys’ Movie Night) that you don’t share with your partner(s)?

Sort of – I need friends outside of my partner.

Is it a requirement that you communicate with your significant other daily, in some way (phone, email, in person, etc.)?

No, it’s not necessary.

Explanation: For me, it depends on how serious the relationship is.  If it’s a fairly new relationship, I don’t need to communicate with the person every day, and in fact would find that cloistering.  If I’m living with the person, obviously it’s different.  Overall, however, I’m not a very openly affectionate, clingy person.

Which of these options most closely describes what you’re looking for in your next relationship?

Someone to come home to.

How much can intelligence turn you on?

Intelligence can turn me on a lot!

Do you believe in monogamy?


Explanation: It’s monogamy.  It’s not Santa Claus.  I believe it’s possible, and what I want, though maybe not for everyone.

I prefer to sleep:

Embracing/cuddling my partner.

You’re in a relationship/marriage and feel that you and your mate aren’t having sex frequently enough. What do you do?

Talk to them about it.

How willing would you be to try out new things sexually with a partner?

Completely willing.

How would you feel if your partner asked you to get tested for STDs before having sex with you for the first time?

Positive (relieved, accepting, happy, or proud).

You’re in a romantic relationship with someone you really like. As far as you’re concerned, how long will it take before you’ll have sex?

6 or more dates.

How important is it that a partner be capable of intelligent intercourse?

Very important.

Might you consider dating someone who confided to you that he/she had a sexually transmitted disease?


Explanation: If it were temporary and they were getting it treated, yes I would be okay with it.  Obviously sex would be off-limits during that time.  I try not to judge other people sexually.

Ideally, how often would you have sex?

3 to 4 times per week.

How open are you to trying new things in bed?

Very open.  I’ll try anything once.

Do you like to cuddle?


Is contraception morally wrong?


Would you need to sleep with someone before you considered marrying them?


Which best represents your opinion of same-sex relationships?

It’s all fine by me.

Should evolution and creationism be taught side-by-side in public schools?

No, creationism has no place in schools.

Would you ever change your religion (or adopt one) because your significant other wanted you to?


Explanation: My belief system is non practicing and can include any peaceful religion.  I believe that we are all reaching for the same thing in the end, just through different mediums.  Any peaceful prophet is a holy prophet for me.  Dating someone of a different religion is not a problem for me.

Would you date an atheist?


How do you feel about kids?

Kids are precious – they love me and I love them!

If your best friend began talking of suicide and asked you not to tell anyone, would you be willing to honor their request?

No, I’d find help for them.

What is most appealing?

Settling down with a family someday.

When a woman chooses to abort a pregnancy, should she be required to inform the father?

Possibly, depending upon other factors.

Explanation: If the woman is choosing to abort because of a situation like rape, it should in no way be required.  If it’s an accidental pregnancy conceived through love or by chance, however, that’s somewhat different.  Abortion is the woman’s choice, but the father at least deserves to know.

If it comes to having children, would you prefer to adopt or to be one of the biological parents?

I would rather be one of the biological parents.

Explanation: But I’m also okay with adoption.

When is suicide okay?


Explanation: I believe particularly strongly in euthanasia.  I would never want to be kept alive in a horrific existence or brain-dead state.  In that case, I’d like to move on with existence and into my next life, please.

Would the world be a better place if people with low IQs were not allowed to reproduce?


To you, is abortion an option in case of an unwanted accidental pregnancy?


Explanation: I don’t judge other people for getting an abortion, but I don’t think I could ever get rid of a potential child.  No matter what the circumstances.

If you had to name your greatest motivation in life thus far, what would it be?


Are you happy with your life?


Are you looking for a partner to have children with?


Would you ever consider adopting a child or being artificially inseminated on your own if you gave up on finding a life partner?

Yes, and I’d dedicate myself to the child.

Explanation: After the child were grown I might try dating again, just to find someone fun to go to the movies with.

How important is it to you that your partner smell good?

Very damn important.

Does finding a long-term partner give you license to “let yourself go,” (lower your standards of personal hygiene or appearance or gain large amounts of weight)?

No, I do it for myself.

How frequently do you bathe or shower?

At least once a day.

How often do you brush your teeth?

Twice or more a day.

Do you ever feel the need to get really drunk?


How often do you smoke cigarettes?


Do you consider yourself to be an honorable person?

Yes, I always try to do the right thing.

Are you careful with your money?


Does smoking disgust you?


Rate your self-confidence:

Higher than average.

How often are you open with your feelings?


Explanation: If I have a problem, I will bring it up anyplace, anytime.  I am so honest it’s unhealthy.  I am physically incapable of holding an idea back once it’s in my head.  You are going to wish you heard less from me.

What’s your deal with harder drugs (not marijuana)?

I never do drugs.

Do you keep a budget (of your finances)?


What’s your relationship with marijuana?


Do you space out or daydream a lot?


Do you enjoy finding out what makes things work the way they do?

I’m an information sponge.

Do you think women have an obligation to keep their legs shaved?


Do you have a problem with racist jokes?


How often do you meditate?


Which is worse: starving children or abused animals?

Neither, they are equally bad.

How much influence or control do your parents have over your life?

I consider their opinion but go my own way.

If you don’t do anything at all for an entire day, how does that make you feel?


Which of these is likely to make you more nervous: a promising first date or an important interview?  

An important interview.

Gender roles:

Are irrelevant, outdated and unnecessary.

What is your backup plan if you can’t find a date on a Friday night?

Self-improvement: go to the gym or read a little.

Explanation: I can be a bit of a homebody.  I love curling up with a good book or a creative project at home.  I’m not exactly a wild partier.

Are you an aspiring actor/artist/writer or other creative type?


Do you generally smile at little kids who cross your path?



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